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"HOW TO Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to Generate a list of 1000 Ideal Clients and Present them with an Irresistible Offer on Autopilot"

A proven online lead generation system that is helping business professionals add client bookings and sales monthly

All you have to do is take care of the appointments we book for you.

Hate Cold Calling?

We’ll fill your calendar

with clients.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, our businesses fail. We solve that problem everyday for business owners all across the world.

We're In The Business Of Helping You Grow Yours

LOSOMO | Jackson Worldwide is a proven all-in-one sales and marketing system will get you more clients now! We’ve increased our clients’ business and income through the roof in as little as 90 days!

We help business close more deals by delivering a steady stream of market qualified leads and appointments.


This Is Everything
Your Business Needs To Succeed

We bring all the things you need to solve your digital marketing problems in one place.

We’ve created the most complete lead generation & appointment booking program for business professionals on the market today. This system encompasses everything needed to generate, book, and sell online from first contact to sales closing.

Generate Your Own Exclusive Leads Every Month

The service for ANY business looking to dominate their industry

Scale Your Business Without Limits

Our Artificial Intelligence marketing tools generate more leads, make more sales, attract more customers, and help you grow your business all on one platform.

YOU DO NOT have to worry about any of the TECH Stuff

You'll discover how to ensure you do the work once and have the results filling your pipeline month after month with the LOSOMO System doing all the heavy lifting for you!

Our Lead Accelerator System provides you with the lead generation, lead nurturing and marketing tools necessary to reach your target audiences. We provide you with A.i. follow-up systems, and lead conversion tools to make the process as easy.

  • A user-friendly funnel that delivers value and sells for your business 24/7 is crucial to success.

  • More conversions result from an automatic follow-up system that keeps in touch with prospects.

  • We provide you with A.i. follow-up systems, and lead conversion tools to make the process easy

  • all you have to do is take care of the appointments we book for you.

Get Your Prospect To Sell Themselves

Learn how the system asks the Right type of Questions to Ask at the Right Time that will allow your prospects to PERSUADE themselves rather than you trying to persuade them!

Find Your Ideal Clients, Worldwide.

Paid advertising and lead nurturing campaigns, for your business

What's included

LOSOMO will build your new lead generation & lead nurturing systems using our proprietary platforms.

Advise and implement your paid advertising and lead nurturing campaigns, for your business.

Monthly Ongoing - As part of the monthly ongoing management services, LOSOMO will manage & optimize the Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing using our proprietary platforms.


AI Targeted TV Ads

Streaming platforms (Hulu, Peacock, Comcast, HBO Max, etc.), we run TV commercials only in the households that are your target market. Need to reach people who buy luxury goods? Or who are planning to move? Or who live within walking distance of your shop?


AI Programmatic Internet Ads

Ads across the entire internet ecosystem, placing your ads on the sites that generate the best results. Need to reach people who love flowers? Or buy luxury goods? Or have children of a certain age? How about exotic pet owners who smoke cigars?


AI Targeted Facebook Ads

Your ads will run on Facebook, Instagram & Audience Network. This includes the Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed, Instagram and Facebook Stories, Facebook Search Results, Facebook Instant Articles and the Audience Network native, banner and interstitial.


We only take a few clients per year for this service space is limited.

1000's of A.I Powered Automated Conversations

  • Visual Sales Pipeline Management

  • Email your customers/prospects 3-6 times until they open, click or respond

  • When they do, you'll receive an instant notification to contact them

  • You'll also get a full CRM system to manage all of the prospects

  • Have 2-way calling and text with them

  • Power Dialer

  • Dedicated Phone Number for SMS and Calling

  • Ability to SMS Blast

  • Ability to Email Blast

  • Ring-less Voicemail

  • Automated Google Review Management

  • Reputation Management

  • Create Surveys & Forms

  • Call Recording & Reporting/Call Tracking

  • Live Chat Widget

  • Sales Pipeline/Opportunity Pipeline

  • Booked Call Funnel

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Mobile App

  • upload your existing customer/prospect database

    And have the ability to send out monthly newsletters

  • Unlimited Users

  • Email Follow Up Series For All Leads

  • Instant Alerts for your Hottest Leads

  • A.I Email Reply Management

  • Integrated Calendar Booking System

  • Ai Targeted Ads

Don’t waste your time chasing leads!

Answer inbound inquiries.

Discover What LOSOMO | Jackson Worldwide Can Do For You & Your Business

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We've partnered with the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization PNA | K2BW to provide business owners and entrepreneurs an innovative and affordable set of do-it-yourself tools to run their business.

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